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In a hundred years, you wont even remember her. This I promise you.


Tara Thornton - Whatever I am, you made me (5.03)

This tickled me so much.  *claps hands* XD

This tickled me so much.  *claps hands* XD



The Parallels of Pamela Swynford De Beaufort and Tara Mae Thornton

Let’s just get this out in the open: Speaking as a Tara fan, going through the Tara Thornton tag is depressing as fuck. Point blank. No joke.

But as depressing, confusion-inducing and face-palm worthy the Tara tag is, it did get me thinking. Why do people hate Tara so much? She is a good, solid character that has realistic problems. She cares about her friends and would do anything for them. And then I thought to myself. Self, who does Tara most remind you of? And then it hit me. Pam. She is beautiful, snarky, aggressive, protective, and doesn’t shit from anyone. Exactly like Tara.

The following posts are meant to show the similarities between these two kick-ass women and show how finding one boring, lame, stupid, useless etc is kind of like saying that you find the other to be boring, lame, stupid, useless and etc. Which is kind of ridiculous if you really think about it. I feel like the people that love Pam should at least be able to like Tara.

The categories/qualities are going to be as follows (in no particular order):







Sense of Justice


Quick Tempered

Sense of Responsibility/Duty


Can’t wait to read your analysis! Also, lovely picture choice. Rutina and Kristin look absolutely stunning!


LOL I love her so much. 


Love you Pam. Now go save her.